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About Alibaba and Step by Step Guide

Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. Today, it has developed into the top global B2B market, where items are bought and promoted by hundreds of thousands of agencies throughout the globe. Alibaba is based in China, but it provides services to businesses in 190 countries, 40 different industries, and over 5900 different product categories, ranging from raw materials to finished goods. If you can't find anything on Alibaba, chances are you won't be able to find it easily and cheaply anywhere else either. The underlying high-tech platform, a variety of assistance options, and reasonable costs are the star draws for B2B customers and retailers. It is a trusted, safe platform for B2B sales and purchases, supported by Alibaba guarantees such as its exchange assurance coverage, product inspection options, and the Pay Later option. In addition to these features, one of the main factors contributing to Alibaba's success in the B2B market is the fact that its purchase/sale methodology is similar to that of a B2C platform. Customers sincerely view products, put them to their shopping carts, and then check out by paying online. The option of contacting the seller and negotiating bulk and long-term supplies is also available. Additionally owned by Alibaba, Taobao and AliExpress are retail B2C portals that increase their reach.


As an online B2B marketplace, Alibaba has put in region a range of protection mechanisms. Still, there are customers who may additionally take advantage. Therefore, it is in your hobby to remain protected and behaviour due diligence before you proceed to purchase from marketers on Alibaba. Steps may want to include:

  • Buy solely from Chinese producers or their licensed dealers. You have to take a look at the enterprise identify and their website.
  • The Gold label is an indicator of trustworthiness of the vendor so select solely gold suppliers.
  • Use a provider database like Jungle Scout to take a look at the export records of a provider on your radar.
  • Start with a small trial order to test pricing, velocity of shipping, packaging and fine of product.
  • Start with a small trial order to test pricing, velocity of shipping, packaging and fine of product.
  • Pay solely thru Trade Assurance technique of PayPal to begin with. Once you set up normal materials then you can use financial institution wire transfers. In any case, you need to make sure that the identify of payee is the equal as the corporation’s name. Avoid transactions with agents who ask you to make fee to a 0.33 party.

Choosing the Supplier: Non-Gold and Gold Supplier on Alibaba

There are two classes of marketers on Alibaba. One is the gold label provider and the others are non-gold label suppliers. Gold suppliers revel in sure benefits such as:

  • Instant responses to queries in their inbox
  • Online chat with change manager
  • Full get right of entry to consumer contact
  • Facility to set favoured inquiries and for this reason weed out these that are no longer really worth it
  • Facility to acquire advocated inquiries

What this capacity is that customers get hold of immediate responses and can proceed to discussions and negotiations. Gold suppliers pay for top rate rating and that is accorded after a vetting process. Still, it is no assurance of pinnacle best product in view that vetting is limited. Even non-gold suppliers can provide excellent merchandise at the proper expenses supplied you are careful.

As stated above the provider may additionally be a supplier or reseller or the genuine manufacturer. You need to test their phrases of supply, fine ensures and alternative insurance policies as nicely as pricing shape and minimal order volume earlier than you proceed further.

Now a seem at the step by means of step technique of shopping for on the Alibaba platform.

Register an account

It is high-quality to register with an enterprise account thinking about that Alibaba is a B2B marketplace. Next, log in and begin your search.


Alibaba's search engine is sophisticated. There are extraordinary filters such as merchandise and suppliers throughout categories. Use the product identify to search for a product. Then you can click on type via Supplier. This technique arranges the listing higher and offers you quite a number important points of the product, images, title of supplier, phrases of supply, rate and the response rate. The response price is necessary and an indicator of whether or not you can assume a response or not. It is now not obligatory for suppliers to reply to every request from intending buyers. Check the picture fine to see if these show up proper or are taken from different sources.

  • Short listing a few retailers and provoke contact, ideally via email. Avoid Gmail address. Inquire in easy English about unique product.
  • Incidentally, test for the organisation internet site and go to it.
  • The e-mail response itself ought to supply you a clear thinking about the supplier.
  • Next, provoke an online chat, ideally via WeChat, which is broadly used in China.

Comparative Statement and Negotiations

  • Assuming you get hold of responses via e mail the subsequent step is to make a comparative assertion of expenses and phrases of distinctive suppliers.
  • Based on this you can negotiate fees and terms, furnished you are ordering a extensive extent on normal basis. Shipping phrases have to be evaluated. CIF pricing is constantly preferable in contrast to ex-works fees or FOB prices.
  • Once once more test MOQ of every supplier. If rate is low then the MOQ may additionally be high. Just hold in thinking that a thousand may also be a huge variety for you however pursuits for marketers on Alibaba so there is now not an awful lot room for charge negotiation. It is great to renegotiate as soon as you have sold a couple of a lot and are relaxed with the quality. This way you can negotiate for decrease MOQ and decrease price.

Ordering and Paying

Once you pick out a dealer and they are agreeable to ship the preferred volume the subsequent step is to location order and pay on Alibaba. Do this:

  • Request proforma invoice. Make it clear that the proforma consists of the whole thing which include fee of packaging and CIF/FOB/ex-works indication
  • For the preliminary small furnish use PayPal or, higher still, Alibaba Trade Assurance. You can be positive that dealer will supply, no longer take your cash and then hide.
  • When you set up everyday materials you might also be requested to pay an enhance deposit.

Choosing Mode of Shipment

  • For small portions constantly point out your desire for air courier carrier even although it may additionally price more. You get quick delivery.
  • For bulk materials sea transport is tons higher and inexpensive however you want the offerings of logistics to clear items via customs. It is higher to get a CIF quote if you intend to purchase in bulk and get orders shipped via sea route. It will take longer for items arriving by using sea. Shipments with the aid of sea can be despatched in palletized types (for decrease volumes) and full or phase container load in case of larger shipment. Container masses fee much less whereas palletized shipments will fee marginally higher.
  • Note: for the trial run, location pattern orders with at least two-three suppliers so that you can gauge precise pleasant of merchandise as soon as they arrive.

Checking Products

Check merchandise as soon as they arrive. Things to appear at:

  • Quality of outer packaging and internal packaging and labelling
  • Warrantee card, coaching manual
  • Overall fine of proper product. Does it examine with what used to be proven in the photo?

Note: in some objects such as digital devices, the outwards appear may also be desirable however terrible great elements may additionally have an effect on sturdiness and performance. Some Chinese suppliers provide exclusive first-rate grades in accordance to charge you are inclined to pay. Discuss this with the supplier.

Now is additionally a exact time to talk about warrantee, refund and substitute insurance policies and have a clear association need to you get hold of defective/broken/damaged products.

If you do now not understand how to get started out on Alibaba, both as a vendor or a buyer, then get in contact with BizMART Commerce, ecommerce market professional for whole coaching and assistance.


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